My first blog post!

Hello, folks! This post is to introduce you myself and to the work I’ll be developing. My intention is to leave some brief documentation to the ones who want to follow what I’ve been doing and to the ones who want to apply to the next Outreachy rounds, I hope this is useful for you!

I’ve applied for the December 2018 to March 2019 round, to the GNOME Usability Testing project, mentored by Jim Hall. I worked on my contribution for a few weeks and recorded it on Outreachy (you can check my contribution on my Medium if you wish). I’ll talk about how I worked on that later, on another post.

As a result of my contribution, I was chosen to work with Jim and a Design Team for the next three months. This week, I’m supposed to do some research and write about it, I hope I’ll have some posts about what I’ve studied on the next few days!