Round#3: Test Plan

For round 3, I was required to test Gedit’s design after I tested on my first contribution. As I was going to test the same application and compare results, I used the same test plan I used before with two more tasks that Allan asked to include.



  • Create and save a text file
  • Edit a text file
  • Create a copy of a text file
  • Customize the program’s presentation
  • Change the window to full screen exhibition
  • Print a text file


  1. Type a quick note for yourself, describing something that you want to remember later.

    Please type the following short paragraphs into the text editor:

    Note: Teresa and I decided to throw a surprise party to João, on his birthday. We will join at 5:30PM on Friday after work, at João’s. Teresa arranged for João’s roommate to keep him away until 7:00PM.

    We need to get the decorations up and music ready to go by 6:30, when people will start to arrive. We asked everyone to be there no later than 6:45PM.

    Save this note as party reminder.txt in the Documents folder.

  2. After typing the note, you realize that you got a few details wrong. Please make these edits:

    • In the first paragraph, change “Friday” to “Thursday”.
    • Change “17:30” to “17:00”.
    • Move the entire sentence “Teresa arranged for João’s roommate to keep him away until 7:00PM.” to the end of the second paragraph.

    When you are done, please save the file. You can use the same filename.

  3. Actually, João prefers to go by George, and Teresa prefers Júlia. Please, replace every occurence of João with George, and all instances of Teresa with Júlia.

    When you are done, please save the file. You can use the same filename.

  4. You’d like to make a copy of the note, using a different name that you can find more easily later. Please, save a copy of this note as George surprise party.txt.

  5. You notice without your glasses you can’t read very well, and you would prefer to use a different font. Please change the font to DejaVu Sans Mono, 12 point.

  6. You decide the black-on-white text is too bright for your eyes, and you would prefer to use different colors. Please change the color to the Oblivion color scheme.

  7. You want to see the window bigger than the default size to see more text in the screen. Please, change the window exhibition to fullscreen.

  8. After you finished your work, you want to print it to deliver the note to Júlia. Please, print this note.